FUD: Maybe it's time to change the menu

The FUDery

We increased total volume sales during the lowest peaking season for the category.

In Mexico, lent season poses a challenge for stay-at-home moms since they are faced with preparing meals that their families can enjoy, without the use of red meats, having to include seafood in their recipes.

Just around this time of year, the shopper forgets about the existence of a category of products they can consume, like chicken and turkey, generating a decline in sales for the deli category. That is why this lent, FUD decided to boost their turkey products through brand activations inside the points of purchase.

We placed ourselves right beside the seafood section of supermarkets to create a category switch in the shoppers' behavior, creating LA FUDERÍA, a place where you could take FUD product packs directly, get to know more products, and even purchase at bulk.


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