FUD: I told you so

The world's first translator

We shifted a cultural perception by changing the negative connotation of the phrase "I told you so" said by mothers.

Mother's Day is one of Mexico's most important celebrations, and FUD's main target is in fact... mothers. The brand therefore has the habit of creating memorable campaigns each year to recognize the love and hard work they put into their families.

For this year's campaign, FUD decided to spread a different message: #MamáTeLoDijo (#MomToldYouSo), which is based in the traditional Mexican saying "I told you so" and that we've all heard as sons and daughters.

Our job was to help make this cultural shift regarding the perception of the phrase of the campaign inside the point of purchase, specifically supermarkets.

We created the first "I told you so" translator in Mexico, where people could select a phrase or situation they felt identified with and could discover right then and there, the true meaning and message our mothers have for us when they say "I told you so".


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