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We celebrated the Planet Fitness pride.

Planet Fitness is a very important gym chain in the US with more than 1,500 branches. The global trend of health care and more active lifestyle has caused that it's now frequent to see new gym franchises and brands in Monterrey, Mexico, becoming a constant challenge for the brand to generate traffic to its gyms and with it, increase the number of memberships month by month.

During September, all of us are filled with the pride of being Mexican, and we wanted to take advantage of that feeling to create a campaign that would motivate people to "enter Planet Fitness with that same pride."

We take this campaign to the streets, that in the month of September, are filled with Mexican flags and articles. So we created a large purple and yellow stain through guerrilla actions.

We place ourselves in strategic points and distribute flags to communicate the promotion of the month, taking advantage of this cultural insight to connect with our market, thus distributing the pride of belonging to Planet Fitness on these very patriotic dates.


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