San Rafael

Celebrating life's greatest flavors.

Let's celebrate with our shoppers every special moment!

San Rafael is a brand of cold meats for a medium and upper-middle market segment in Mexico. For the first time, the brand decided to launch a campaign that emotionally appealed to its consumers, instead of focusing on the functional benefits of the products.

Through the campaign "Celebrating lifes greatest flavors", San Rafael invited them to treasure the great moments in a womans life and celebrate with them.

The challenge was to bring this emotional campaign to the point of sale through differentiated experiences.

We transform special moments for our shoppers such as: "My first child", "My wedding", "My first job", "My honeymoon", etc. in collectible souvenirs.

We created spaces where the consumers told us what moment they wanted to celebrate with us and through a Dremelist, we recorded that moment in an exclusive cutlery piece.


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